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These are just a few things that clients appreciate about working with me, Andrew Titus. Find out how Titus Law Office, PLLC can help you through criminal charges, divorce, a civil case or probate while making you a priority. I treat each client with care and provide honest counsel.

Experienced Family Law, Criminal Defense And Probate Attorney Serving Southwest Minnesota

You Deserve Honesty From Your Lawyer

No one wants to be in a legal battle, but most people find themselves in need of a lawyer at some point. When you need an attorney’s services, make sure that they are prepared to do the hard work and tell you the truth, even when it’s difficult to hear. Anything less than upfront counsel may prolong your case and possibly hurt your chances of a favorable outcome.

I’m attorney Andrew Titus, and I have been representing people in the Worthington area for over 15 years. Clients rely on me for forthright answers and practical solutions to their problems. I am determined to fight hard for you and provide you with the information you need at every step of the process in criminal defense, family law, civil law and probate.

Minnesota Criminal, Family And Probate Law – On Your Side During Tough Times

Being charged with a crime is a difficult ordeal. You may feel powerless and unable to combat the prosecutor and the state’s many resources. That’s why you need an experienced, assertive lawyer on your side. I will investigate the case against you and determine your options. My goal is to minimize the consequences or, when possible, get the case dismissed so you can get back to your life.

Family law can also be very challenging. Many people feel alone during this time, but I can be your ally and protect your rights in divorce, custody and other matters. I will give you the honest answers you need to make the right decisions for you, your children and your future.

If you have lost a loved one, you are likely going through an emotional and difficult time. My goal is to minimize your suffering by guiding you though the complex and sometimes difficult probate process as smoothly as possible.

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