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How to tell your kids that you are divorcing

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Family Law

Minnesota parents who plan on getting a divorce want to protect their children at any cost. Although you might want to shield them, it’s important to properly tell them that you are divorcing.

Plan what to say ahead of time

You and your spouse should do things as a team in spite of your upcoming divorce. Before you speak to your children, you should both plan what you’re going to say. It can make things easier for everyone even if the announcement is difficult.

Talk to them together

The best way to start talking to your children about your impending divorce is for you and your spouse to do it together. This shows them that you are both still there for them regardless of where your marriage stands. Be gentle but honest and explain that you are no longer going to be married but will both always be there.

Tell your children you love them

While you tell the children about the divorce, continuously reassure them that you both love them very much. Let them know that even though you and your spouse may still love one another, you can no longer stay married. If they question that, try to explain it as gently as possible in a way that they can understand.

Avoid blaming your spouse

Although you and your spouse might have major differences of opinion, you should avoid playing the blame game. Even if you know your upcoming divorce is going to be contentious, now is the time to set those feelings aside for the sake of your children. When you’re telling the children about the divorce, it’s no time to argue and show them any ugliness.

Tell them things will change

Tell the children that things will soon be changing and explain what they might expect. In addition to the divorce itself, you might want to talk to them about whether you or your spouse will be leaving the home. However, reassure them by reiterating that you are and will always be a family no matter what.

Telling your children about your divorce can be difficult, but things are often easier when they’re in the know.