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How a DUI conviction can affect potential employment

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Criminal Defense

One of the worst outcomes of a DUI is how it can impact life going forward. Not only does it generate a criminal record that many people did not have before, it can affect certain future employment. For those who depend on a commercial drivers license, a conviction can even mean losing their livelihood in some situations. Any restrictions on driving privileges can be a very serious issue in states like Minnesota where there is so much rural area and having a drivers license is so important.

Commercial drivers license

One immediate impact a DUI can have for professional truck drivers is a loss of employment for the days of a driving privilege suspension. Additionally, even after a suspension is complete, obtaining future employment can be a problem as well for a commercial driver.

Potential termination

People who depend on their license to commute to work also have an immediate issue unless they can obtain a ride during the suspension period. Even a first DUI conviction can result in a driving suspension depending on impairment level or being involved in an accident, and additional charges could also apply.

Future employment

Almost all prospective employers will conduct a background search on a potential employee, and one of the primary reasons is looking for any criminal history. Even people with a first conviction can have a problem obtaining work. For those are already employed, a conviction can even result in termination due to the criminal history alone, as many employers do not want or cannot have workers with a criminal record.

These are just a few of the ways a DUI can affect life going forward in general, especially regarding employment. And not only could it restrict employment in a variety of ways, but fines, associated fees, and court costs will still be required.