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How to effectively communicate with your spouse during a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Family Law

If you and your Minnesota spouse have decided that divorce is in the cards, you must still communicate. Even if your split is bitter and you’ve had your disputes, effective communication could help during and after the process of ending your marriage. Here are some of the best strategies.

Keep your temper in check

It’s not always easy to avoid an argument when going through a divorce. If things are contentious between you and your spouse, it could easily lead to a fight. However, it’s best to keep your temper in check when you need to communicate. If either of you is upset or mad, wait until you’ve both cooled down to talk.

Decide how to communicate

Communication between divorcing spouses doesn’t have to be constant or by a single means. You can wait a few days before talking and can do so through a variety of ways: text messaging, phone calls, emails or video chats. Avoiding social media is wise as it could lead to disputes if your spouse posts anything bothersome. You might want to consider agreeing to communicate in certain ways like calls only when absolutely necessary such as in emergency situations. In non-urgent matters, you could limit your contact to something easier like email.

Be respectful

Being respectful to your spouse is crucial when you need to stay in communication during your divorce. This is especially the case if you share children, who should not be privy to arguments and other unpleasantness. Don’t blame your spouse or badmouth them in the presence of your children.

Pace yourself

Give yourself a break if you need to decompress between communications with your estranged spouse. Divorce is emotionally difficult, so you might find that it’s sometimes hard to communicate the way you want. Practicing what to say and how to say it might help.

Set boundaries

You should set boundaries on communication during your divorce. For example, you and your spouse should no longer speak the way you did while married. Boundaries could help you avoid unnecessary fights.