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Legal and social impact of a DUI charge

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Whether you mistakenly thought you were sober enough to drive or wrongly accused at a DUI checkpoint, several consequences can impact your life if you don’t challenge your charge. Fortunately, you can take a stance through Minnesota’s legal system. But understanding the penalties you might have to cope with can be a good exercise, so there are minimal surprises in the process.

Legal limitations

Naturally, someone guilty of operating a vehicle while under the influence may lose driving privileges. This could include having to install an interlock ignition device and having to blow into a portable breathalyzer to start your vehicle. It could also include short- or long-term license suspension or complete loss of the freedom of transportation due to a jail sentence. Additionally, the fees and costs of dealing with a DUI can amount to up to $20,000 and can leave you in a financial rut that can take years to move on from. Plus, car insurance rates often rise when people are guilty of carelessly operating their car.

Societal consequences

A criminal charge can also take a toll on your social life. Family or friends may treat you differently and be not as trusting of you as they were in the past. They may be hesitant to enjoy alcoholic beverages with you or to trust you with a favor that involves driving. In certain lines of work, especially ones that involve a clean driving or criminal record, individuals facing a DUI charge could risk losing their jobs or experience roadblocks when chasing career goals. You may also find it difficult to forgive yourself if you wind up in a preventable situation. Fortunately, there is a range of support out there for those facing mental barriers or attempting to overcome substance abuse.

Contacting a legal professional to explore your defense options before it’s too late is essential.